Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gypsy do da deaf

Meet a Wonderful Family this afternoon. Their Daughter whos just about one. Was Born Deaf. Shes beautiful. Precious and Ready to take off and start walking soon. Loud and a scream just like Sophie, which kept making me SMILE! It was wonderful, to sit and talk Mommy to mommy about our daughters being Deaf. Having the same ideas about it, about implants, school, sign language and Life in general for all our children.
Its so wonderful having someone in a similiar situation to talk to now! Our kids seemed to get along WONDERFUL and She (the mommy) was great! I look forward to more play dates.

Washington, isnt everything I hoped it to be. The traveling is still going to be a ton since, would you know it, this place actually doesnt have speech therapy on post like I believed. Not that Tacoma, or even Seattle is as for as things were in Cali, but...still. While Im glad to be close to real life, it still baffles me. Army is supposed to be...Ugh I dont even know. They are supposed to make things easier on least I thought.
Another thing that baffles me is Audiologists, out of the hmmm 6 total audis and Doctors we've seen...1 knew a decent amount of Sign language. Even if you arent fluent, as someone who is hearing specialist and sees people with all ranges of loss, Wouldnt it be beneficial to learn more then 4 words??? Or so this mom thinks! lol.
Shouldnt it be a given, that caution signs, are plentiful and easy to put up. So when moving a family into a home, on post that you know has some disablity, why cant they just put up the MUCH needed caution signs, instead of making us Go fill out YET MORE PAPER WORK.

Thankfully, I havent seen too many crazy drivers yet, speeding down our block, but theres that chance ya know? Not that too many people pay attention to road signs anyway. At least Here in Washington. Sadly, we've been several places, busy cities and snow bird paradises where transplants from all over WORLD move to. Yet Washington BY far, WORST DRIVERS EVER! Id take freaked out Phoenix drivers in Monsoon season over the high ways here! LMBO! YES freaked out Phoenix drivers, as I witnessed because of lack of Rain...native Phoenix drivers mistake the blinker for wipers (and Visa Versa)in a storm and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SWERVE ALERT!!!!! cursing and hands thrown up into the air! BAHAHAHA.

The sad truth is that I feel as though My mind will never belong to a town I want to stick to. Might as well Buy an RV and call it home. WHEN WILL I BE SATISFIED? The only place I can ever say That I didnt want to run from until news about a baby growing in me Was Sumner! Funny huh? A Small, as middle of Crops, humdinger of a town. 30 mins away from the closest Kmart or Walmart, 1 cafe and 1 tiny 1 roomed movie thearter. Simplisity at its finest. BUT SUPER COLD COLD WINTERS! OUCH! It totally beat out Stupid DES MOINES AREA! I hated that town we lived in NEWTON! IT needs to fall off the map!

I wish I had a concrete plan, and Idea, and Knowledge of what it is we need to be doing, and where we need to be~ Cant just follow my heart...its been too many places to just pick one