Monday, August 15, 2011

From the Song Bird

From the Song Bird

Mellow Song Bird
Pirched upon the Willow
Waiting for the Sun to Burst
A certain kind of Yellow

The Sky must be Ready
For her Singing Voice to Sound
Hoping all the Woodland Creatures
Would Hear and Gather round

Patiently Shes waiting
Underneath the Willows Brow
For her time to Spring up high
And Sing her Song so Loud

Mellow Song Bird
Pirched Upon the Willow
Looked to the Sun and Soon Begun
The deepest song so Bellow

She longed for the open sky
Her wings to spread out wide
She longed to Feel the Warmth of Sun
To see the Woodland creatures thronged

Mellow Song bird
Not pirched, But caged
Her Sun not real, Just Light
singing for her fellows
Seeking Freedom for her flight


By R.S Decker

Copyrights@Rebecca Decker