Monday, August 29, 2011

1 year

August 30th

Jitters, and thoughts, rambles and butterflies in stomach.
LONG drive
Ridgecrest California

The day we were told for sure, that Our Sophia Gabrielle was Deaf.
Choked back to tears.
Held it together.
Till we got back into the Van.
What was this going to mean for our family?
What did this say bout me as a mom? Because I didnt catch the difference sooner!

August 30th
Longer drive back to Fort Irwin

In one Hour it will be the 1 year Anniversary of Sophies Journey. Our families Journey as we gathered up information, and learned to use our hands as words. A Year that has brought us to more places, and closer as a unit.

I think back.
To my baby I dressed mostly in Pink. Ok lots of pink.
To my little girl, that only cried when it was bedtime.
To my little girl, who was carefree and giggly.
Who let the world hold her, and was comfortable enough to be left alone...meaning just laying around lol.

AS I gazed back at my photos from when we first came back to NY after Sophie was Born. I Dawned on me, I know Exactly When Sophie got sick. April. Right before we Moved back out of my parents house. Not sure of the date, or week. But As I was looking it all made sense.
Because I had taken photos while at the Doctors with Sophie, on 2 different dates in April.
It was also the same time, Sophie was having trouble with her breathing and was on the Nebulizer Machine. That she used the rest of the time we lived at my parents which wasnt too much longer, cuz we spent 3 weeks AT Dawns before we left for Florida at the end of May.

April 2009
3 months old.
It all makes sense.
Though watch once I see the paper work from Doctor Roses


So Beautiful

Then I look at the Pictures from the doctors,and yet shes still a wonderfully happy baby

Cant believe how freaking fast her infant months went by

Happy (as odd as it may sound to some) anniversary Baby girl.
You are perfect in every way.
A Super Star.
A beam of light.
A Super Cuddler.
A wonderful actress.
LIFE WOULD SIMPLY NOT BE, With out All my Kids, nor as interesting with out my Sophie Ge-Ge