Monday, August 15, 2011

Shot Worthy.

Im thinking about time tonight. How Much of it is wasted.
Wasted on mindless projects
wasted on Television
Wasted on Never telling someone the truth
Being Spiteful
grudge holding
Even Writing this blog

Then Im thinking, how crazy it is that we never take into consideration other points of views...WHY? Cause its our life, we are going to do what we do, and say what we want, and waste time on OUR life. We are individuals and seeing eye to eye on things...doesnt come natural.
Like minded minds, will still have something they dont agree on.
Families, have different ways of raising them, and approaching life.
And I guess, to cope, we have to make do with what we have. WE have to fake it till we make it sometimes. We have to put on those Rose colored glasses, so not to fall short, or have negative thoughts.
Irony...That sometimes in order to live, we must waste our time.

If life is a story, but nothing is written in stone, Isnt it possible that we could always have different out comes? That Characters that once were friends, are now foes, that the rich can lose it all, and the down and out Reach the very top of the ladder?
Isnt it possible, that much of the story was a fairy tale, or that you are your own super-villian?
Isnt it possible that on lookers on your life story, may see something completely different then the Author?

If its ok, for a parent to point out the Flaws, and short comings of their children, as if to better parent them...then Why cant a child point out the same for the parent? When Life is about learning, and growing and bettering oneself. Whether its hearing it from a Spouse, a friend, an enemy, a therapist, or ones Child.
Why is it different?
Experience, age, or lack there of, doesnt make one person smarter, or better equiped, or more wise. Sorry to say.
Because For me...I've learned more on my own, with my own mistake, then most people learn in their entire life...but it doesnt make me better.
It doesnt put a sour note on my life, and I dont let my faults or sad times rule me. Nor Define me. Just a notch that helped me grow.

I have ventured, and experienced, and tried, and failed, and succeed.
I have cried, and yelled and laughed so hard water came out of my nose.
I have questioned myself at times, my faith, my family, my hardships...and that makes me human.
I have fallen before, and surely will again.
Because no one is perfect, but I know where I fall short in my character, and my silver tongue and snappy judgements. Not always to my best control.
I have been known to run, and duck and hide and wish away problems, with out truly fixing them...but Here I am today, learning how not to run.
How not to be blind, how to take into consideration, someone else around me might have a better view of the road Im on, then I do. And Should they say...hey maybe you need to re-examine that walk youre on, then I will take a look closer, instead of being quick to cut them off.

My lesson out of these last 2 weeks, is that points of views are extremely important, and must be taken into consideration.
I know I surely dont want the same fate, Ive had in the past, and if history is doomed to repeat itself, I want to make sure the arrow I think is straight, truly is shot worthy!