Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me....

Alone with just the Kids as Matt is out in Indiana On a training Mission.
Meanwhile, Spent the last almost 4 hrs at the hospital with 2 kids having well visits.
And Again tomorrow for Sophie.
Im so exhausted.
I got the text from Some Family wishing me a happy birthday, family and Friends posting on my facebook page,as Well. Which of course I LOVE TO SEE! Not everyone will take the time to say happy birthday even with that little reminder on the side. So Thank You to the true Persons who did, and Always do.
To my Best friend for being the First one on east Coast time to say it to me. MS Dawny I couldnt be me with out you girl!
My Husband sending almost hrly birthday text because hes sad this is the first birthday he is missing in all of our 7 years together.

We are in our new home. Running off of mobile internet chip that doesnt give me very good service. But the home is fantastic. 3 beds, 1200 sq feet. only down sides are, not enough cabinet space, and the Darn Summer sun heating up the living room and blinding us from 330-7pm EVERYDAY! Going to need black out curtains for sure!

Neighborhood is awesome, and have friends near by. hopefully will get to know neighbors as we can see they have kids around the same ages as ours.
Over all everyone is adjusting, Just as I knew they would. our seasoned Movers.
They have no problem saying goodbye and as Em said the first day we moved in running around the empty dinning room
Ive trained my Gypsies well!

AS my long birthday is coming to a close, at 6pm here, Im thankful for life in general. For the family and friends that showed they care, and always care and know I love them just as much.
Thankful for I love Lucy DVDs and old movies to keep my mind at ease while alone in a quiet house. 2 bathrooms and my own room again! NO STAIRS. A park directly behind my house, and space to run outside our back door.
Who would have guessed the noise of Military base living with constant Planes and helicopters would put me at ease. Funny the things you get used to, and thus comfort you. That make it feel like home.

But foolish enough, as I stand here, thankful...Im also foolish to have ever thought, that While I knew Id never get a phone call from my father again, on today, for my birthday, because of my actions...But Foolish to think I'd even have an email that even just read.
"happy birthday"
But as I checked my email again for like millionth time...NO email from him. And As for the Twins, if they even realize todays date...could they have been allowed to call me, text me at least!?

Something so simple as an email, so simple as 2 words......Makes me left with one word in mind