Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello Sunshine

A much needed and Welcomed Sun is bright and High today.
And Supposed to be GRAND for the next week. Thank Goodness because that freak Snowfall on Sunday had me a bit worried. YES SNOW!! AND YES ITS STILL AUGUST!

The Van is packed to its limit and bright and early we will trek the ooo 13 miles at most down to own new home on post. Where most likely the MPs will pull me over at the gate to search my car, since its so packed with our crap...just incase I had a stowe away visitor hiding amongst our rubble LMAO! Hopefully not after all Im tagged as Military on my van,but We've seen it all living so close to Base Gates.

Who would have guessed, that this girl right here, who fought Matt at 18 about Joining the Army and again at 24 about it, WOULD finally be comfortable living among the ranks, and combatting life. Become a Proud supporter to that which I ignored so much of before. Embrace the scary tactics and training and New ideas for Matt to better his career. YES, the forever mind changers said career now. LMAO.
Its not the ideal life, and hard and mind boggling at times, because of the politics that fit in with Soldiers and Soldiers Family life. But you know what, we are better off NOW then we have ever been.
Together 7 total years so far, and the future is looking bright. Which ever direction we look in.
Many people of our past, looked at us crazy for doing things, saying things, staying with things. Questioned US together, and thats ok! Examined we were, and examined we are, and roughly we made it over hurdles. But I am one to take my vows to heart and know not everything is perfect, nor everyone. That Two people will always be to blame, and putting all shame on one person doesnt Fix any situation.

Hello Sunshine! The Turning of our World is making our days brighter and longer, warmer and exciting.Our Decker Axial will continue spinning, and Together we will make it through.
Im excited to see how the close to 2011 will be. And what new and different and amazing things 2012 has in store for us. Might be too soon for some to think about the new year BUT, for us, with the extensive busy schedules we have till January, Its never to soon to jump to thoughts of the new Year.
Again Ill say Im so excited that for the first time in 2 years We get to spend FALL in a place that actually changes for fall. My most Favorite.
And A first actual Autumn for Not only Ryan, but for Sophia as well.

So in closing.

Take a look at this little Sunshine...
(dont mind the shirt)

Officially 13 months old, and so handsome and getting so BIG!