Monday, August 8, 2011

Swing batt-arrrh, Swing

So think think think Becci Think...

Take advantage of the education opportunites us Military Wives get to use!!

Things to take with me where ever we go..near, far, States or abroad.

As Matt is taking steps to further himself in the Army,adding new should I, who cares if it winds up making me a Jane of all trades, and in more ways then one, probably wont Mesh. lol.

As Fall is quickly approaching, its time to get into the swing of things. School things.
I THINK I finally am grasping this mind making up Im settling one a career choice, as well as FINALLY made my decision about My daughters Ears...Right now, tho Im not sharing that precious and Vital information accept to those Closest to me, and in private.

But Batters Up, Decker Family, Lifes about to be a homerun~With long awaited and much needed Wins. The Rough slump of a losing streak is over~

"AND THE CROWD GOES WILD"...haha At least in my own story book life.

9 days and counting we get to start fresh in our home on post. Where We may or May not be for quite some time. Ill Post pictures as soon as Im allowed to walk through it :/ it still has its current tenants.
cant wait to unpack EVERYTHING, make things fit and hang stuff on the walls. Move Furniture around till Im satisfied (for at least 2 months before rearranging)and NOT DEAL WITH STAIRS.

It was a long day today, Sophie was a handful! Like never really before, first time ever today she wouldnt let the Doctor examine her. FOUGHT so hard, the Doctor just said "we will do it at a different time"
But At least shes gained 2 pounds roughly but still my short Beauty at only 33 inches :)

Time to Declutter my DVR and fill my mind with it instead ;) then passing out, hoping tomorrow GOES much more smoother~