Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome Home

The Girls as they Jumped for joy that we are at our own home again! No more apts, no stairs, no more being yelled at for RUNNING around. Im sure that woman who lived below us is glad that we have gone away. As shes studying to be a doctor. lol. we are a noisy bunch.

The living room. Bright and airy, I dont even have enough furniture to make it look like people actually live here lmao. The Plan is to find Super cheap cheap odds and ends, like an old hutch and Older wide dresser. Sand them down and paint them to match our taste.
Im into Old beachy, cottage, french country side styling right now. Some how I have to blend that into our Black leather sofa BAHAHAHA.

Matts Giant Closet, hes claimed for himself and the vaccum ha. So Instead of it being a catch all army armory, I decided to put allllll his clothes and odds in there. Its big enough, and since he'll be using that room to change more often then Not,it just works. Besides our master bedrooms closet is tiny.

The local Splash park, and all its glory. As its back drop is that darn volcano...Mt Rainier. SUPER Pretty, but Of course, now being in washington. I think of Dantes peak ;) The splash park has been refreshing as up until this Gloomy freaky Friday we've had countless days of sun and fun and heat. I say Heat, and feel gross and sweaty, and then look at the temp and its like 78,sometimes 83...and it baffles me. I know what REAL heat feels like, YET this humidity has turns me into Soup.

Ryan loves the water, and has been the only one really get into it and enjoying the cool down. Though daddy had to jump in now and then and rescue him from the unexpected SPRAYS from every which way, now and then.

my little army brat, driving a truck ;)

We have this fabulous little back yard. We were going to fence it in, but then thought? WHY! Its fine the way it is. We are only yards from a nice little park and hills the ids enjoying rolling down.
We have enjoyed our back yard every day since moving in.
Emily with Side walk chalk, Sophie with a bat and ball, and Ryan...being Ryan.

The Carport and side door into kitchen.

Front of our house.

our street

The Back of the house!

playing in the Mole Hills Tehehe

this is the sun that heats up our livingroom to near 85-90 everyday lol

Not much else has changed besides our location again.
We are the same crazy, funny, loud, annoying family we always were and always will be. Im proud all of us are quirky and individuals and fun!
We are us, and that wont change.

this is funny because it looks like Sophie Wacked EM and knocked her down, but she didnt. Emily was Playing "puppy" and was crawling around the whole yard.

in the process of signing Tree! We have lots of them here :)

Ems got great Speed.

Things are in order. Life is amazing. God is Good!
We are doing jus Fine Thank you!
taking each day at a time and working on the Present right now. Not the Future. Because Courses always can change. Our Present will effect our future, Our Future Will reflect our present.

Now thats Summer is really coming to an End. I can see the trees changing Colors, the Leaves are pointing down (like Emily told me) and the allergies have been sprung upon me. I can not WAIT to decorate in Autumn theme.

Here In our New Home~