Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ohh Geeeeeez FLEAS

Well Moving day didnt go exactly as planned, as here I am still sitting in this Apts kitchen.

I had it all planned out, Van packed, Clothes out and ready, breakfast, get dressed leave early and get there before the housing offical.
And All that worked out.
Got to our house early, and in fact even Met the neighbor who was super friendly. Watched the workers power wash the rest of the house and trim the grass along its edge. HOT morning, And a beating sun as we waited in the van for Pam.
Behold, she arrived, Unpacked my troops and walked into our freshly painted and carpetted home. In literally the time it took Pam to open the door and For me to close it behind me, Em and Soph were off to explore...then in those 15 secs between the door and the kitchen where, Pam set down the paper work, a SCREAMING AND CRYING 4 year old came running out of one of the bedrooms "BUG BUG BUG ITS ON ME" holding out her tiny little arm. Little black dots racing around her fore arm...FLEAS, and not just 1, or 2 or 3 but 6...then the other arm was covered then her feet, then her legs and dress, then we looked at Sophie (c0vered as well) and I looked at Pam and Pam and I, and WE BOLTED back out the front door, standing there a good 5 minutes taking the fleas off each other one by one like Monkeys (minus the eating them part). Thank God I never let Ryan out of my arms and he managed to escape with one on him. No Flea could be missed on his blonde hair. :)

WHAT NEXT??? Do we wait and get it sprayed? But no the infestion that apparently the house was in, would take a few days. We dont have a few days and actually was supposed to be out of this apt by tonight.(now that wont happen)
WHAT NEXT??? Do we find a new house and settle for what we have to, even if it was a 2 story? Nope the waiver we got to get into a single story also now stops us from ever getting a 2 story at JBLM.
WHAT NEXT??? To the office we go, to see what can be done under our time crunch, and with not wanting to be PUT BACK on this LONG ASS WAITING LIST. So we sat there in the office playing with toys and coloring...and ohh yea scratching! WE ALL FELT GROSS AND ITCHY and SICK and Did I say Itchy??? Im still itchy, 5 hours and a shower later.
Then we sat at the park to exspell the kids energy, when Pam came and told us we get to move into a NEW house in a NEW neighborhood but that it wont happen till Tomorrow at 1pm. OK GEESH. That seems like years away right now. But that they also paid for a local hotel room, so that should we want to stay there or couldnt be here in this apt tonight, then its there for us.
They felt super bad, and of course could not foresee that newly laid Flea eggs would hatch between the time they put in carpet in some of the house and our arrival. But let me say this, IM so thankful they attacked us when they did instead of later when Pam wasnt there with us. Because Had she left and I unpacked my van and then noticed everything light colored was then polka-dotted. I WOULD HAVE FReeeeeeeeeeeeaKED OUT!

So, unfortunately for my Reality show obsession, because of the change in days and location our Cable provider said they cant install our shit until Saturday the 27th...unless they call before hand with an ealier appt. WHICH IM HOPING FOR. Because Matt will be gone, and then I wont have a phone, or internet to talk to him, and no TV Ill be BORED out of my mind. Play dates and trips to the spray park will be a NEEEEEED!

What a mess. What a day! And what a day tomorrow will be. I requested to our new housing lady to do a walk thru before we get there to make sure theres Nothing to stop the move in again.
The House is in a nice area, but not close to a park :( but close to two friends, so thats awesome at least. Close to the shopping and then Big MWR park. Also central to both Matts company and the motor pool.
While its further from hospital its not too bad.
Im thankful the housing company did what they could and was accommidating. Im thankful that we get to move on post.
And I know everything happens for a reason!

So heres to tomorrow! and Praying it goes as smooth as it possibly can!